Day 20 - Water Marbled

China Glaze Kinetic Candy, Topshop AWOL, Essie Coral Reef

Guys, water marbles are hard! I usually avoid them at all costs. They're messy, only seem to work half the time and usually end up with me angrily painting my nails just one plain colour. 

But, they are day 20 of the challenge, and though I may be taking my sweet time working through the 31 day challenge, I fully intend of completing it. So... this is my water marble. The thought of doing more than four nails scared me, so I complemented them with some spots and stripes! 

Does anyone actually like doing water marbling  I love the look of it, but the effort and failure rate (well, my high failure rate) is normally enough to send me running! Does anyone have any tips?

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