Cake, Nails & Glitter!

OPI Black Onyx, Ozotic 528, Ozotic 529

I was in a glittery Ozotic mood on Friday, mainly becasue my Friday afternoon was spent looking through swatches of Ozotic nail polish and Picture Polish nail polishes. The lovely ladies from Picture Polish were having a great little sale on a bundle of Ozotics and PPs and I was trying to figure out which colours to get. 

Ozotic 528 and 529 are both multichrome glitters and they are just amazing! It's so hard to get a photo that shows the real life awesomeness of these glitters! 

Over the weekend I caught up with my friend Julia, who is getting into nail art and wanted to have a little nail art, nail polish play around afternoon. We got out a rainbow selection of nail polishes out and played around. While Julia mastered the dotter, I painted my  housemate Lucy's (AKA The Giver Of Chanel Peridot) nails. I liked the colours she picked so much I thought I'd do my nails the exact same!

Also over the weekend, we celebrated Lucy's birthday with a lovely pie and an epic cake (my other housemate Anna is a genius baker!) Lucy's nails (OPI Panda-Monium Pink & OPI Pirouette My Whistle) matched her cake so well I insisted on a photo! 

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